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Geolocation : Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh | Ho Chi Minh City
Organization : Viettel-CHT Company Ltd
Net Name : HHThostingcustomer-net
Whois :
inetnum: -
netname: HHThostingcustomer-net
descr: Viettel-CHT Company Ltd
descr: Hoa Lac Hitech Park, Km29, Lang Hoa Lac Road
descr: Thach That, Ha Noi
country: VN
admin-c: VIAG1-AP
tech-c: VIAG1-AP
changed: hm-changed@vnnic.net.vn 20090924
source: APNIC
role: VTDC IPv4 Admin Group
address: Viettel-CHT Company Ltd
address: Hoa Lac Hitech Park, Km29, Lang Hoa Lac Road,
address: Thach That, Ha Noi
country: VN
phone: +844 62692126
fax-no: +844 62692129
e-mail: hm-changed@vnnic.net.vn
remarks: send spam and abuse report to abuse@viettelidc.com.vn
admin-c: LDH21-AP
tech-c: DMH12-AP
nic-hdl: VIAG1-AP
changed: hm-changed@vnnic.net.vn 20110218
source: APNIC
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